Life is about second chances. It’s about facing adversity and coming through the other side better for it. It’s also about understanding that you are not alone in your despair and distress.

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Break The Cycle

Over 85 percent of people in recovery relapse within the first year of treatment. In most cases, it is because they haven’t reached out for support or know where to go to receive the support they need before relapsing. The Restart App is created by recovering addict, Chris Hagidiakow, who spent years in and out of jail due largely to his addiction to drugs and committing crimes. After years of struggling he finally accepted that the best path to recovery was to have a true support system in place. After many years of research and experience he has assembled all the different professional resources, wellness centres and healthy experiences available to everyone seeking recovery and hoping to maintain it.

“Restart is dedicated to building a community of people who can connect and support each other in their recovery process. Individuals who download the ReSTART APP begin their journey to a better life by sharing their story and realizing that they are not alone.”

The Restart APP is a resource guide which connects you with services from education, treatment and employment availabilities to wellness and spiritual centers within your area. Restart also highlights many free activities from biking, hiking, running, yoga and more at different venues and centers within your radius. Restart founder, Chris, who today runs a sober living home for addicts recently released from jail or mental health facilities, credits his recovery to the people and support systems he allowed into his life. In his own words, “I understand what it is like to feel as if there is no hope and things will not change. I have struggled with what you are going through. I am here to tell you that people do care. Restart is my way of giving back and guiding you to a life of fulfillment.” Download the Restart APP for free today on either Iphone or Android and take the next step to recovery and a better you.


A trigger can be derivative of life chances, trauma, intrinsic or extrinsic power imbalances that cause irrational behaviours and poor decisions, ultimately leading to a reaction.


Reactions to triggers are the purpose of this app. Whether one's reaction can be breaking the law, experimenting with drugs, developing an eating disorder, or battling a mental illness, among many others.


Consequences of the challenges in one's life, whether it be incarceration,  addiction, mental illness or others, there is usually a turning point where recovery becomes the goal.


The consequences of ones actions can be broad, dependent on their reaction to a trigger. Our app namely focuses on incarceration, addiction, homelessness and mental illness.


The ReSTART app is meant to break this phase of the cycle by providing resources to overcome relapses. Help is out there, and we are bringing it to you all in our app. Prevent your relapse, download now.

Track Your Progress

Whether you are tracking days clean, or meetings attended; your progress matters. Progress trackers have been proven to increase intrinsic motivations for behavioural change. That’s why we made it available for you.

Goal: Sobriety
Goal: Support Meetings
Goal: Physical Activity


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Social Discourse

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adapt to your interests & needs

Choose why you have downloaded ReSTART and begin your journey to a better you. There are so many intersections within the needs of our users so you can choose what applies to you from Mental Help, Recovery or Legal. For each category, you will see the most relevant local resources.


Our App offers resources for the formerly incarcerated to assist with legal aid and rehabilitative support.


People at any stage in their addiction can find resources to help them restart their lives through support and rehabilitative opportunities.

Mental Illness

Anyone can battle with mental illness at any age, for any number of reasons. Our App narrows down resources to help with any situation.


I FINALLY feel like someone gets me and that I’m not alone. For the first time, I feel like I can overcome this, little by little.​
- Gregory A.
Enjoying using it with great help. I love the app gives me able to help address exact areas of weakness in my everyday life.​
- Henry E.
I’m so grateful to have this app. Getting the best guidance for all of the difficulties and conditions I’ve been dealing with.​
- Eddie S.
The ReSTART App has been so helpful for me in the recovery process. It provides me with inspiration and motivation to stay sober.​​
- Veronica M.
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Fitness Community

A caring fitness community to help you stay on track.

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We can help anyone who is looking for rehabilitative support for their life. If you’re ready to make a turn-around, we are ready to help.

The ReSTART Resources App will provide most useful resources in your neighbourhood or near by.

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